Diamond Blend Decoration



The science of incorporating diamond particles in cosmetics has evolved from medical research where Nanodiamonds have proven their efficiency as a transport vehicle for delivering oncology drugs directly into blood cells.  The same evidence exists when Diamond Particles are applied topically to the skin.

Diamond Particles in the Diamond Blend formula activate blood microcirculation which allows the formula to penetrate the deeper layers of skin in order to transport potent youth restoring ingredients including Arctic Marine Phytoplankton extract, Amino Peptides, Collagen, and Q10.

Arctic Marine Phytoplankton is a unique micro algae that is responsible for creating earth’s oxygen-rich environment and has recently been hailed as the new ‘superfood’. Arctic Marine Phytoplankton is a single cell organism which contains over 65 nutritional properties and is packed full of proteins, vitamins minerals, antioxidants. Made up of 90% oxygen it literally breaths a new life into the skin and encourages cellular growth and cellular life extension.

The skin absorbs the nutrients in the Diamond Blend formula and will respond instantly, resulting in a brighter skin tone, a more even complexion and restored skin vitality –  leaving you looking and feeling radiant and rejuvenated within a matter of minutes. You will get the benefits of a day treatment at spa but results continue to work throughout the day and night.

Much like diamonds themselves, the Diamond Blend formula has been designed to stand up to extreme conditions and to protect the skins natural enzymes against environmental damage, varying temperatures and polluted urban settings. SPF 15 helps to protect skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays and will slow down the aging process with regular use.

Diamond Particles are great for exfoliating and conditioning the skin, the Diamond Blend formula truly is the ultimate cocktail of youth as it contains brightening agents to give skin a glowing appearance and a healthy complexion whilst diminishing signs of age spots and pigmentation.

Our science laboratory used the most advanced ingredients to maximise the potent anti-aging and protecting benefits of Diamond Blend and we are proud to offer this revolutionary new formula to everyone who wants to fight ageing.


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